The Outfit Review

The Outfit is set in 1941 I really don Having a good voice acting team is almost a must these days. THQ and Relic pulled no punches when it comes to The Outfit. Your three characters are all voiced by great actors. Robert Patrick (The T-1000 in Terminator 2) voices the leader, Captain Deuce Williams, Terrance Carson (previously voiced Kratos from God of War) voices John Davis Tyler, and Ron Perlman of Aliens: Resurrection and Hellboy fame voices Tommy Mac. Their performances are perfect for the comic-like environment created in the game. The supporting cast ranges between good and shudder-worthy with their fake accents. The whole affair is absolutely corny, so you

This game is a 3rd person action title (although you can use first person view to take an aimed shot) where you have to be able to do mid-mission resource management and control vehicles.  With the destruction on demand system incorporated into the game, a tight control scheme would be an absolute must.  Unfortunately, The Outfit steps on a landmine here.  You can put your reticule directly over a Nazi soldier, pour dozens of rounds at them from near-point-blank range and simply hit nothing but air.  The enemies are made of granite and can take a tank shell to the face and get back up.  Similarly, your support troops are stupid as a rock.  You can drop an awesome anti-tank gun and point your guy to it to cover a position and he

While the graphics isn

There are a ton of locked achievements

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