The Movies: Stunts & Effects Review

Expansion packs are often mere shadows of the products they seek to expand.  They offer a limited amount of additional content, and often don

Since Stunts & Effects is fully integrated into your movie lot, it doesn Nothing has really changed in the area of sound, so I

In addition to the stunt and effect upgrades, we are finally getting a free cam system.  While you can

All of these improvements, new sets, stunts, and more mean absolutely nothing if they don The Movies: Stunts & Effects adds quite a bit to the original title for only a $29.99 asking price.  Dozens of new costumes, sets, effects, and a freeform camera would have been great, but the addition of all of the stunts, miniatures, and explosion effects just seal the deal.  Since the title so perfectly meshes with the original title, there are all new achievements and awards specifically aimed at the Stunts & Effects industry.  With so many great additions and positive comments, how could this section score an 80 out of 100?  Well, I tried to install this pack on my work computer, my home computer, my mother

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