The Last Remnant Review

The words Square Enix and Role Playing Game usually equal a fantastic and highly enjoyable RPG. Which is why I was excited to review The Last Remnant for the PC. Little did I know that I was about to be punched in the face with blandness and boredom. The best way to adequately describe The Last Remnant is by comparing it to Final Fantasy 12, but without a soul. It

Perhaps the game

One of the keys factors I use while rating the sound in a game is whether or not I get the theme songs stuck in my head. If they do that’s usually a good sign that the music is good. The Last Remnant is one of those games where none of the songs really stick out to me and thus are mediocre at best, but still not terrible.


Square Enix is a company that usually hires decent voice actors to deliver the in game lines. For the Last Remnant it almost seems like the company realized that the game was average at best and therefore they hired voice actors who turn in average performances. Many of the lines are delivered very flat and monotonously. Don Since The Last Remnant is a Japanese RPG the controls aren

Prior to The Last Remnant I had only fallen asleep one time during a videogame cutscene. That time was during a cutscene in Metal Gear Solid 4. The reason for that was because the scene was damn near an hour long and it was 2 o It will take anyone willing to trudge through this one roughly 60 hours to finish the game. This includes the main storyline and all the side quests that come in the form of guild missions. Once the 60 hours are up I would be amazed if anyone was willing to replay the game again. But, if you don

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