The BIGS Review

The baseball season is in full swing.  Bats are cracking, balls are flying in the air, and controversy about the home run record are all a part of the summer air.  The season is heating up with the pennant chase tightening up in a few divisions.  Soon the World Series will be upon us to determine the best in Major League Baseball.

With the sports season comes a sports game.  While there are a few realistic baseball games on the market, Visual Concepts has decided to try to go with an arcade title with The Bigs.  Big hits, big plays, and big runs give The Bigs an appropriate name, but does it have the pick up and play feel that makes the game accessible to new players?

The stadiums in The Bigs have been recreated with care.  They look almost photographic with how detailed they look.  As the sun goes down the lights turn on and illuminate the field while the shadow from the sunlight falls across the field.  The stadiums are created like their real-life counterparts.  The details contained within Miller Park, U.S. Cellular Park, and all the other parks are incredibly well done.  The stadiums breathe personality.

The player animations look smooth.  Players run, jump, and slide smoothly without any jerky movements.  Different players have different swings and different stances.  Sometimes you

The thing you

Several different control schemes are required depending on what the situation is.  Most of the time you

The main portion of the game is the baseball game.  There are a few different ways to play through.  The Play Now option takes you to the team setup screen and once teams are selected the game starts.  The Exhibition mode is similar, but there are a few other options you can tweak like jersey, difficulty level, and starting pitcher.

The main meat of the game is the Rookie Challenge.  Here you start out as a first-year player that the team has a lot of confidence in to take them all the way to the World Series.  You create a player where you can control his height, stance, handedness, weight, and facial features.  Once you have created the player, you get to allocate points to your player

The Bigs contains two other single player modes.  These are the Home Run Derby and Home Run Pinball.  The Home Run Derby is the same game as what you

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