Tekken: Dark Resurrection Review

With the limitations on the hardware of previous handheld systems, there hasn

While the PSP has similar capabilities of the PS2, the graphics for the system have not lived up to their potential.  That has changed with T:DRT:DR is an absolutely phenomenal looking game.  The characters all look spectacular with detailed character models.  The textures have a lot of detail to them.  Their clothes sway when appropriate.  Men have muscle textures to show their girth.  Instead of being blocky, the textures help the character models look smooth.

Great looking characters are nice, but if the animation is choppy great looking characters won

Each of the characters has their own voice actor.  Before each fight, they

Controls for the game are standard for a Tekken game.  Movement is handled with the D-pad or control nub.  X performs a left kick, circle performs a right kick, Square performs a left punch, and Triangle performs a right punch.

Most of the time, the control scheme is simple enough and works well, but there are two issues with the controls.  Side stepping is done by a gentle tap up or down.  When trying to side step to the background, if you hold it too long, you can end up jumping, leaving you vulnerable for an attack.

The other issue is pressing multiple buttons at the same time for an attack.  While this might not be so bad when hitting Triangle and Circle or X and Square at the same time, trying to hit Triangle and X at the same time is a challenge.  Also, the timing has to be exactly right, especially when in the Command Training mode.  While these might be easier to pull off with a fighting stick, you aren

Tekken: Dark Resurrection features a large number of modes.  If you want to get a quick match in, you can play the Quick Battle that allows you play a single match against the CPU or play with two teams of up to eight characters that you create on each side.

Story mode follows the background of each character.  Each character has an intro explaining the background.  As you follow the story you fight until you reach the final boss.  Once finished with the final boss, you find out the aftermath of their win in the tournament.

Arcade mode doesn

If you have read the previous section, then you know that there are a large number of modes that you can play.  Not only that, but you can play wirelessly in ad hoc mode.  You can also download

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