Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology Review


Tales of the World contains hand-drawn graphics for character interactions and 3D graphics for the environments and battle sequences.  The hand-drawn characters have a distinct anime feel to them, but it

The music in the game is catchy, even if it sounds like a lot of other RPGs.  The music intensifies when in a combat, while it is a bit more leisurely and relaxed while walking around town and talking to the different characters.  A little fanfare goes off when you complete a quest or when you finish a battle successfully.  These seem pretty standard, but they are catchy enough that they feel a little different from other RPGs.

The voice acting feels like it has been phoned in.  While you do have the grim remorse character and the bubbly and perky character, they don

With an RPG, most of the maintenance of your party is done within menus.  This is very true of Tales of the World.  You select items with X and cancel with Circle, while the D-pad controls the cursor.  However, Tales of the World is an action RPG where you fight to win your battles.  This makes the game more interesting, and makes getting the controls right a higher priority.

Using the analog nub, you run across the screen while the D-pad lets you dash, jump, and select your target.  The X button does a normal attack, while Circle performs magic.  The Square button guards against attacks, and Triangle brings up your battle menu.  The R button changes your target on the screen.  You can use the D-pad in conjunction with X to perform different attacks, with circle to perform different guard functions, and with Circle to shortcut different spells.

The biggest problem with the game is that most of the creatures can be destroyed by guarding against them and then hitting X three times for a three-hit attack.  While you will still lose some hit points, you can be very successful using this tactic throughout the game.

When you first start Tales of the World, you actually create your character.  The only problem with this is that there aren

Tales of the World claims to have over 300 quests.  While I don

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