Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 3 Review

Guybrush and the gang have returned for the next episode, Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 3: Lair of the Leviathan. This review is a little different than others in this series because I had not played the previous two chapters. I will admit to reading a summary of the previous episodes, but I was coming into this third chapter
experiencing the new graphics, interface, and game play for the first

I played all previous Monkey Island titles when they were first
released, and Chapter 3 was like returning home to your two
dimensional hometown and finding everyone has evolved into the
mysterious third dimension. It took me a few moments to acclimate to the controls, but I thought the new design fit in nicely. I
especially liked how the screen was uncluttered with the interface,
available by a slide out window to the right, or by clicking the
middle mouse button.

Last Time on “Tales of Monkey Island”….

At the end of Chapter 2, the Screaming Narwhal was swallowed whole by a giant manatee. This creates the opportunity for a twisted Pinocchio scenario with the whale replaced by a monstrous sea cow. Once inside, the first direct control was given to me, and after finding out what Guybrush was going to accomplish, the

Filmed On Location

In all, there are four locations explored in Chapter 3. To list them would be spoilers, which is difficult to avoid in a game delivered in chapters. I can say these locations were varied and one of them was unexpected. The contrast in lighting and graphic variety between the locations was well executed and each location felt separate from the others. I didn

How Will Guybrush Solve This?

Of course, the main focus of the Monkey Island games are the quirky puzzles. Chapter 3 did not disappoint and I felt the difficulty landed squarely in the middle. Without going into detail, there were a couple of puzzles where I wandered around a bit wondering what to do next, and one particular end puzzle where I just didn


There weren

I am not used to playing games in this episodic format, so the length of the game is difficult to comment on. I was able to play through this chapter in just under three and a half hours. It felt a little short, but if other chapters give the same time, it could make up for it. I

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