Super Meat Boy Review

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SMB is an old-school side-scrolling platformer through and through,  and while even back then most of them weren

The levels are riddled with booby traps and obstacles to overcome, and the game keeps your interest by constantly adding new dimensions to the levels in the form of enemies, puzzles, and hazards. While simply getting to the end of the level is a challenge in itself, there are extra layers of depth added which reward you in different ways. In each level there is a band aid to collect, often times they are hidden from plain sight so you have to do a bit of exploring in order to find them. Collecting these band aids rewards you with new characters to unlock and often times the difficulty in attaining the band aids is substantial. When you unlock new characters, you can switch between them and Meat Boy at any time and use them to complete the levels. Each character is unique and features their own set of attributes.  For the most part, I didn

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The art direction in SMB is really cool, it sticks to simple 2D graphics but is effective at conveying unique and interesting environments as you progress from world to world. The real star of the show is the music, this game deserves all sorts of awards and accolades for how entirely awesome its soundtrack is. Take all the best music of the 8 and 16-bit generations, including the arcade games at the time, mash them together and you essentially have SMB

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