Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People: Episode 4 Dangeresque 3 Review

Available for WiiWare or PC, Strong Bad Episode 4: Dangeresque 3 is the newest release from Telltale Games and the crew at The game stars all of the characters from the website, reprising their roles from the Dangeresque shorts on the website, wrapping up all the questions left behind from the previous episodes, creating new questions and leaving those unanswered.


We follow Dangeresque from his office, where he picks up a new case from Cutesy Buttons to restore a formula that will save the rainforest, only to end up searching for her after her kidnapping by obvious but unknown villains. He eventually meets his father (?), solves a decades old kidnapping, and goes on to save the day in true Strong Bad fashion.


After following the web toons for a few years on the original website, I was familiar with all the characters and their general attitudes, but someone who is not a regular visitor to the site will still be able to enjoy and follow the game.  Parents can feel safe letting their kids play the game unsupervised, as there is nothing objectionable in either the humor or animation.


The following review is for the PC version, but Telltale games promises that there will be very little difference in the Wii version.


My review PC Specs are:


* Windows XP SP3
* AMD Athlon 4200 X2
* Nvidia Geforece 8800GT
* 2 Gigs of DDR

Not much has changed from the previous three episodes. All toons on the website have a good, flat cartoony animation style to their cartoony animation.  It wouldn The game development staff used the same voice actors from the toons and kept the music in the same style, making everything flush nicely with the old toons.  No complaints here. As always with the Homestar Runner universe there is a cheesy music track that fits the style of the game to a T.

Controls are very simple, with a point and click interface, useable items highlighting and words appearing over top, letting you know what you are about to click on.   Clicking on a spot makes Dangeresque walk to that spot, and clicking and holding will keep him walking, while you moving your mouse changes his direction.   A double click makes him run.


The mini games are also easy to control using the w,a,s,d, combo. Nothing too overwhelming.

Just like the previous episodes this is an adventure game with point and click exploration mechanics. Puzzles in the game/tasks are simple enough, and tend to relate to items, events and locations from the toons. This makes sense, with Strongbad filming his

Game replay itself is limited, with not a lot of areas to explore for actual gaming purposes, but a

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