State of Emergency 2 Review

Fans of Unreal Tournament 2004 can easily cite their individual top five best experiences with the game and few will be the same. My personal favorite is the inspired choice of voice acting for the female announcer who gets hotter the more kills you deliver. Her sexual excitement gets heavier as you ratchet up the body count bringing her almost to the point of release if your, ahem, stamina can keep it up.

Now imagine if lounge-singer/comedian Richard Cheese had swapped places with her and you have the announcer during the challenge sections of State of Emergency 2. If that were the game

It may sound harsh to criticize a game

For a game this weak on practically every aspect, at least the sound effects were the hardest to screw up. Everything from the voice acting to the explosions to the gunfire all could have been pulled from a generic sound package. The hero is gruff and emotionless, the muscle and Spanky both sound like they were raised in the ghetto, the computer nerd sounds like a marketing wizard

The controls are pretty basic for State of Emergency 2 since the game always lets you know when you need to hit which buttons. Whenever you get near a ladder or something that can be activated a giant X will appear onscreen. The R1 button fires your weapon while the R2 is the secondary fire mode. When you hold the sniper rifle this brings up the targeting reticule and L1 and R1 zoom in and out. That

State of Emergency 2 is hands-down an early contender for Worst Game of the Year. The game is just not fun so if you take nothing else away from this review then know that your money is better spent anywhere else. It

There are a few different gameplay modes available that show gamers just how many other ways State of Emergency 2 is not any fun. Progressing through the game will unlock different cheats and modes like “Kill All the Snipers” and “Destroy Everything On Screen” but why bother? At this point, you

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