STAR OCEAN: The Last Hope International Review

By now most gamers who are into Japanese role playing games (JRPGs) have already played and beaten Final Fantasy 13. Their time spent guiding Lightening and crew to victory may have caused them to miss another excellent JRPG produced by Square Enix. Star Ocean: The Last Hope- International, was developed by Tri-Ace and is actually the 4th game in the Star Ocean series. It was originally released on the Xbox 360 in February of 2009, but the PS3 version has received the director

From there, the story plays out almost like a season of Star Trek. You will be given main storyline missions which take place across a planet. Once that main storyline is finished you will be given another planet to go to with its own missions and unique storyline. Each planet is a little bit different than the last one and each has their own self contained storyline that feeds into the overall plot.  It

Another new aspect of the gameplay in this version is the Rush Gauge. The Rush Gauge is a lot like special attack meters in other games. It will fill up during battle and once it is full you can activate it to perform a special attack for more damage. Your characters also have the ability to perform Blindside attacks. These attacks occur when you counter attack an enemy by dodging behind them and dealing more damage. Overall the fighting feels fast and is very action oriented due to the real time nature of the combat.


Excellent Visuals


Visually, Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Full Voice Options


One big complaint that people had with the Xbox 360 version was the English voice acting. The PS3 version still has the same English voice dialogue and yes, it

Another reason to travel around the various planets is to collect raw materials for crafting. Star Ocean offers a fairly deep crafting system which allows you to make everything from weapons, and armor, to consumable items. Ingredients are obtained by killing enemies and item gathering at designated locations around each planet. What

Better Than Final Fantasy 13?


Having played Star Ocean: The Last Hope

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