Star Fox Command Review

It was 1993, the Super Nintendo was just heating up as a platform, and Nintendo dropped a special game on our laps. Star Fox was the first title to use the Super Fx chip, an in cart 3d accelerator. It was truly something new on the graphics horizon. Fast forward 13 years to the 6th game created in the Star Fox series and we come to Star Fox: Command, this is Fox

DS games, and most handheld games in general, are tough to gauge visually. We Sound in Star Fox is truly a mixed bag. While the soundtrack and sound effects are good. Some of the stages even have some truly memorable music. The

Star Fox: Command is a fine example of how controls should be done for flying games on the DS in the future. Everything was intuitive was the outset, and you have the option to invert controls for those that like a traditional flying control. As well, the game is well suited for left and right handed players, as all the face buttons, minus start and select, and the shoulder buttons can be used to attack while the stylus is used for pretty much every other action. Commands are given on the map screen by drawing a line from your teammate to where you want them to go.

The ships are very responsive to the touch screen and it

Unlike the past Star Fox games, Command is strictly an airship shooter, and what a relief that was to discover. The meat of this game is in the story mode. You With 9 unique endings a ton of missions and characters, the single player alone will absorb a ton of your time. Add onto that online play through Wi-Fi as well as local connections and you have a lot of game for your money. The gameplay and controls are done so well you won

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