Splatterhouse Review

There is a certain charm in B-movies.  You know that they really aren

There are a few ways to distinguish a B-movie.  The violence in B-movies seems to be over the top.  You often wonder how many packets of ketchup are used in the production of these.  Splatterhouse is no different.  When the blood flows, it squirts out with a vigor that fills the screen.  Blood splotches splat against the screen and drip down.

The makers of B-movies usually aren

Another trait of B-horror movies is that there has to be some kind of nudity involved.  That doesn

When you play a beat

With horror movies of this type, you can almost guess the plot, knowing that there will be a chase, a fight, and then a kill.  Wash, rinse, and repeat.  The action in Splatterhouse can get very repetitive. You encounter waves and waves of the same enemies.  While you can upgrade your moves throughout the game, all it feels like you do is beat up enemies the same way.  Puzzles impede your progress occasionally, and special Necro Moves obliterate enemies in a single move.  They don

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