Soul Nomad & the World Eaters Review

The best thing Soul Nomad & the World Eaters has going for it is its title. Maybe its because I have a soft spot for 1950s B-movie titles somewhere in the darkened crevice my heart once occupied. But once you move past the title and into, you know, actually playing the game two things become immediately apparent.

The first is that the amount of fun one would expect from a game with that title stops the moment, and I honestly mean the very moment, that title disappears from the screen. The second thing is that one quickly gets the sense the genesis of the game sprang from an engineering team on a bender who thought it would be fun to apply an anime-themed skin to an Excel spreadsheet, throw in some wacky voices, and call it a game.

In a nutshell, Soul Nomad & the World Eaters is about as much fun as doing your taxes, so if you

Like the entirety of the game, the graphics are limited. The cut scenes, as well as the game play itself for that matter, look like they were designed for the original PlayStation which doesn

You know something is wrong in the state of Denmark when a game causes you to lose interest the moment after you first hit the start button. The excessive and hyperbole-filled narration went beyond painful. Stick with it through a miserable prologue and you land in the shoes of a vacuous kid with an equally empty, though infinitely more annoying, sidekick. I did not want to play a game where the sidekick tried to blow sunshine up my ass. This reviewer considers himself a fairly happy person. Content with life even. Yet here is a character determined to make your life hell by being more chipper than a busload of cheerleaders on speed.

But ignoring the sidekick for a moment, one might ask about the rest of the characters. Well, there are technically two more main ones but the players


This reviewer can honestly state that it is a rarity to encounter a game of such never ending bordom, so much so that Soul Nomad & the World Eaters has now replaced NyQuill as my gateway drug of choice to the land of sleep. Select where you want to move on a map, move there, recon it, attack enemies, move on to the next encounter or village. If it

If you value your sanity or your hard-earned money or both, do not play this game. Don

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