Soul Calibur IV Review

Soul Edge hit the arcades in 1996 and the PlayStation in December of that year.  The game was a big hit, but it wasn

Given that this is the first title on the next gen platforms, the most obvious upgrades will be to the graphic engine. Character models look as good as their CGI counterparts, with detail paid to every aspect of the presentation.  Characters have muscles that flex under the strain of combat, and clothing that fans out with their movements.  The armor is shiny and reflective, with excellent texture work laid on to the cloth or banded pieces.  The character models themselves show excellent lip synch and a full range of human emotions.  Few, if any, fighting games look as good as this.

It isn

Since the original Soul Edge, the sound and music for the Soul Calibur series has always been comprised of fantastic orchestral pieces coupled with the most ridiculous over-the-top voice acting this side of the Resident Evil franchise.  Fans of the series will be happy to know that Soul Calibur IV is no different!  Orchestral titles from all of the previous titles are brought together in this title, and the announcer makes his return as well.  Spouting nonsense at the beginning and end of each and every battle, the announcer is only eclipsed by the ridiculous things that the fighters have to say.  Even worse, the fighters tend to talk over the announcer, resulting in obnoxious noise.  By the fourth title in the series, you

Since the invention of the 8-way run (being able to move and dodge on a 3D plane), very little has changed with the Soul Calibur series, or with fighting games in general.  The controls are essentially what you

Soul Calibur IV has three primary modes

Soul Calibur IV is not the first fighter that you can take online via Xbox Live or PSN.  Just earlier this year we got Soul Calibur

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