Siren: Blood Curse Review

These days it seems like there are only two names that matter in the survival horror genre, Resident Evil and Silent Hill (no, Alone in the Dark you don

The graphics in Siren: Blood Curse are a mixed bag. Since this is a survival horror game, much of the play time is spent in dark hallways, dark rooms and dark outdoor environments. Throughout most of the game you will be hard pressed to see more than a couple of feet in front of the player. But on the rare occasion that a level is set during daylight hours you will be able to see that the developers have used a very adequate graphics engine. Each level will feature accurately detailed buildings that are falling apart and rusting out. Each environment is meant to look very creepy and the developers succeeded most of the time. To add to the atmosphere the developers decided to add a grainy look over top of the game. Anyone who has played a Silent Hill game will know what this looks like.

The characters in Blood Curse aren

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The controls and more specifically the camera are Siren

Sony decided to take a chance with Siren: Blood Curse and release it in an episodic format. The game is broken up into 12 episodes, with each episode having several sub chapters. At the end of each episode you get a short video showing scenes from the next episode and at the start of each episode you see a summary of what happened before. The overall effect is pretty neat and gives the game a TV style “to be continued” feel.

The actual game plays a lot like an adventure game. At the start of each level you are given goals and sub goals. You then have to figure out how to accomplish the goals. Most of the time you have to solve a puzzle, find some sort of item or defeat a certain bad guy. The puzzles themselves aren

At first I thought Siren: Blood Curse was going to fail miserably in the value category. This is because the first episode can be beaten in literally 10 minutes; that includes playtime and cut scene time. But don

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