SingStar Vol. 2 Review

SingStar Volume 2 is the second release in the SingStar PS3 series. Volume 2 contains 30 songs ranging from bad boy rapper Eminem Graphics look crisp and clean for all the menus, but there is nothing new for those who have played the previous editions. Just like SingStar, the album cover art graphics scroll to the left and right giving you a sampling of the track so you can figure out if you recognize the song or not. Likewise the SingStore has the same set up as the first edition. Because this version is also for the PS3 it is on BluRay media and presented in beautiful HD widescreen format. Overall there is nothing new in lay out or presentation from the first edition of SingStar on the PS3. Which begs the question why release a volume 2 just 5 months after releasing volume 1? If you are going to launch a second product that soon, why not give us something new in the presentation side of things? We will address this more in the Value section of the review.

For a music title, sound is absolutely crucial. I

For those of you who have played previous Singstar games, absolutely nothing has changed here, so you can just move along

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The game retails at $39.99 if you already own the mic bundle, this is a $10 difference from Vol 1 which was priced at $49.99. If you are a SingStar virgin then the bundle will set you back about $59.99 like Volume 1. There were no improvements to the interface; there is still no BluRay wireless mics. Keep in mind that SingStar is made by Sony

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