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SingStar for the PS3 is the 1st North American release for the PS3 platform. The game was released in Europe some time ago to fairly positive reviews.  There have been multiple editions released in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, and North America, including 80’s, 90’s, Pop, Rock, and more.  SingStar has always contained an odd mixture of songs, with each game containing around 30 songs ranging from Amy Winehouse to the Rolling Stones.  Roughly one in every five songs is a female artist – strange for a title that is clearly aimed at the female demographic.  Did this affect gameplay in the Playstation 2 versions of the game?  Certainly.  SingStar for the PS3 blows this problem completely out of the water with a brand new feature though – the ability to buy more songs.  I’ve gotten to spend a few weekends with a Mojito in one hand and a SingStar mic in the other.  Let’s see if the SingStar PS3 debut is American Idol or if it falls to StarSearch levels…

What is there to complain about when you have the original music videos and artists backing you up?  Surprisingly, the videos themselves!  It is certainly cool to see the videos to a lot of these songs but it can be extremely distracting. I found myself tending to watch the video instead of my queue to start the verse, at least for the first couple times I sang a new song.  That said, I did get to see the videos for a great many songs that I missed when those songs were being played on VH1. (Anyone else remember when MTV played music?  Wasn’t MTV2 supposed to have music at some point too?  I digress…)

The song selector is a collection of album covers, (albums are what we use to call CD

For a music title, sound is absolutely crucial.  I

For those of you who have played previous Singstar games, there have been a couple additions that should make you happy.  For those of you who have not, you

SingStar is much better this time around in terms of gameplay, but I still want to be able to hear how I sound with the track without the artist. I want to BE the artist, which is the point of a Karaoke game in my opinion. (that and not having to deal with drunken idiots at some smoky bar – I would rather deal with the drunken idiots at home and be able to throw them out if I want!) In previous renditions of the game I was able to rack up a 9000+ score and the game would praise me highly.  The funny part is that I was simply humming along with the song and not singing at all.  As a testament to the increased processing power of the PlayStation 3, this title seems to process the voice signal significantly better, meaning that you’ll have to actually pay attention and try to hit the notes requested.  In fact, the Hard mode is a little harder, and the Easy mode is a little less forgiving than in previous titles.  

The majority of the songs are great, and a few of my favorites are represented, but I would have liked to see more of a mix to make it more unisex. Let

The game retails at $49.99 if you already own the mic bundle. If you are a SingStar virgin then the bundle with two microphones will set you back $59.99. It

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