SingStar Amped Review

SingStar Amped! is the 4th North American release in the SingStar series. There have been multiple editions released in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Spain. Amped contains 30 rock songs ranging from classic rock anthems like Blue Oyster Cult What is there to complain about when you have the original music videos and artists backing you up? It is certainly cool to see the videos to a lot of these songs but it can be extremely distracting. You tend to watch the video instead of your queue to start your verse, at least for the first couple times you sing a new song. The only song that didn

For a music title, sound is absolutely crucial. I For those of you who have played previous Singstar games, absolutely nothing has changed here, so you can just move along So how does all this work out? Not as well as I’d like it to, let me tell you. As a semi-professional singer the tracks selected tend to put me just outside my range at some point in the song which can make for a less than desirable end product as I am forced either way too low or up into a higher octave. While the note may be correct for the registry line the sound is horrid. Despite the 9000+ score received I would hardly call it a hit! The songs are great and some of my favorites but I would have liked to see more of a mix so it was more unisex. Let The game retails at $29.99 if you already own the mic bundle. If you are a SingStar virgin then the bundle will set you back $49.99. All in all not a bad price point. That

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