Silent Hill: Origins Review

Silent Hill: Origins tells the story of a trucker named Travis who just happens to be traveling near the town of Silent Hill when he spots a little girl on the highway and slams on his breaks. When the little girl runs off into the fog, Travis decides to do what we all would do in that situation and investigates. This leads Travis to unquestionably battle zombie nurses and huge scary guys with pyramids on their heads rather than run back to his truck. It also sets off the so called Origin of the Silent Hill games.

Since its release on the original Playstation, the Silent Hill series has seen several sequels across multiple platforms and has even seen a feature film adaptation. In 2007 Konami released the first PSP Silent Hill game with Silent Hill Origins. The PSP version received moderate reviews and for many people it went down as just another entry in the Silent Hill franchise.

Much like other recent titles Konami has decided to port this PSP game over to the Playstation 2. Does the PS2 version of Silent Hill Origins suffer from the same problems as other PSP ports, such as sub par graphics and terrible play control/camera control?  And more importantly is Silent Hill Origins worth playing on the PS2?

Most PSP to PS2 ports suffer from poor graphics and look considerably worse than similar games designed for the PS2 from the beginning. In this case Konami has gone out of their way to try and make Silent Hill Origins look like a PS2 game. The character models were all given graphical upgrades and show more detail than their PSP counterparts. 

The overall look of the game has a very grainy 1950

The sound in Silent Hill Origins is standard for the series. There is a near constant soft background sound track which helps set up the spooky atmosphere. The usual screeches and startling sound effects are present and they further help to set the mood.

The characters in the game are all voiced by competent voice actors who don

The main character is controlled by the analog stick and is rather responsive. He can sprint for a limited time by holding down the square button. The rest of the time he walks fairly slowly. This adds suspense to the game, but most of the time I found myself simply holding down the sqaure button to move quicker.

As I said earlier in the review you have to use a flashlight for almost all of the inside environments. This is handled fairly well by just the push of a button. Once the flashlight is out you are free to use weapons and other items. This is nice since you don

I had a hard time being objective while reviewing Silent Hill Origins, I found that by the time I got to the second main area I realized that I really couldn The game tells the origin of the Silent Hill universe and for that reason alone most Silent Hill fans will want to play all the way through the game. Silent Hill Origins retails for $29.99 so it isn’t going to hurt your pocket book. If you’re a fan of Silent Hill and you haven’t played the PSP version yet then this PS2 version is the one to get. I don’t see too many people playing through this one more than one time though.

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