Shrek the Third Review

Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, and the gang are back for another comedic swipe at the fairy tales we all grew up with in their new movie Shrek the Third.  Activision and Amaze Entertainment are also teaming up to bring us the game adaptation with the same name. When we last left Shrek and the gang they had reconciled their differences with Fiona

The Graphics in Shrek the Third are rather rough for a PC title.  Jagged edges, flat and blurry textures, some weak or incomplete animations, and to top it off, framerate problems plague the game from start to finish.  Granted, I didn As with previous Shrek titles, Shrek the Third uses celebrity impersonators to bring the characters to life. And just as before, they do a decent job, if not quite perfect. Similarly, the sounds sound like they could be from a movie, if not quite perfect. What is pretty perfect is the music. The soundtrack for the game does a fantastic job of recreating the moving score from the movies, giving the cutscenes and gameplay a bit more movie tie-in authenticity.

Anyone who has played a platformer on the PC recently knows that a controller is the way to go, but we

Obviously, Shrek the Third follows the events of the upcoming movie by the same name.  Since the movie comes out after the game I haven There are 20 levels in Shrek the Third. Since there is little challenge or risk to falling off cliffs, your only danger is being beaten up by the rather large bosses. The game doesn

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