Shrek the Third Review

Activision has their hands full with Spider-Man 3, one of the most anticipated movies of this year, but that doesn

Unlike the Nintendo DS, the GBA just can

In a similar way that the graphics are platform-limited, the sound is fairly platform limited by the hardware in the GameBoy Advance.  As a result the music just loops and loops forever.  It is akin to listening to a ringtone on your phone for an extended period of time

As I stated in the review for the Nintendo DS version of Shrek the Third, simple controls are vital to any game aimed at kids.  As such, Vicarious Visions has worked hard to keep this game simple.  You

There are four scenarios to play, each with six levels to complete to move on.  At the end of the first set of levels you This version of Shrek the Third is particularly short.  An adult can beat the game in a single afternoon, and more likely a week for a kid due to some of the more difficult platformer elements.  If you are still one of the last holdouts that refuses to move on to the Nintendo DS, this could be a good choice for a younger kid.  I

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