Shrek Forever After Review

Again upon a time, in the land of Far Far Away, we have another Shrek movie to look forward to.  Naturally, this means that we also have another game tie-in to juggle.  Maybe it

The game kicks off with a quick tutorial level, dropping you right into the boots of all four characters, just after Shrek signed the aforementioned contract.  You

Graphically, Shrek Ever After is decent.  The characters and cinematics are solid, even if occasionally somewhat lacking in the environmentals.  The characters are bright and well animated, and the framerate is absolutely rock solid.  Since the game supports 4 player cooperative play, framerate is especially important.  Similarly, the sound in the game is decent as well.  Likely the same songs used in the movie, Activision has picked up the rights for

Shrek Ever After is set up for multiple playthroughs.  You

Shrek 2 for the PS2 was decent, but Shrek The Third on the Xbox 360 took a beating at my hands.  Weak humor, formulaic, a so-so camera, unskippable cutscenes, weak Next-Gen graphics with framerate problems, and local-only splitscreen multiplayer is just the start of axes I brought to the grinder.  Shrek Ever After manages to handle some of these pretty well.  The camera is now controlled tightly, with only a few moments where there are obstructions, and I


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