Shaun White Skateboarding Review

When Tony Hawk Skateboarding entered the scene back in the late 90

The controls themselves are fairly intuitive. The game makes heavy use of the left and right analog sticks. Basic movements and directions are handled with the left stick and the right stick is used to pull off a wide array of moves from grabbing your board to performing a body flip. The system works really well for novices and at the same time, complex moves can be performed by people who take the time to really master the game. Those having trouble learning the moves have access to an in game menu that shows you exactly when to hit each button and move the analog stick. Follow the timing on the in game video guide and you should be able to learn any move in the game.


Learning the basic tricks and moves in the game is important because the entire game is based around a

Skateboarding With a Story?


Shaun White Skateboarding wasn

Collectibles Abound


Maintaining the core system that made the early Tony Hawk games so addicting is a whole host of objects to collect throughout each area. Gamers who loved collecting every single letter in the word

A whole host of multiplayer options are available to shake things up. There is a split screen co-op mode which can be fun with a friend. There are also several different online modes. They mostly consist of player vs. player, team vs. team, and players vs. CPU type games. The problem with the online portion of the game is that I literally could not find another person online to play with. I tried several times to find anyone playing the game online, both by searching for matches and by setting up my own match and waiting to see if someone would join me. No one ever did. I actually started to question if the game was really connecting to the servers, but I

Colorful Looks and Sound


Visually, Shaun White Skateboarding is average. The city and skate parks look good enough and once you start to skate around the environments become very colorful. Just don

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