Shank Review


Beauty in the Heart of Violence
Where Shank truly shines the most is with its graphical style.  Best described as In keeping with the over-the-top feel of this title, the voice work in Shank is suitably brash, with all of the voice actors chewing the scenery as much as possible.  In games that take themselves more seriously this wouldn

Controlling Shank on his journey to revenge and redemption is a breeze, and the developers should be congratulated on the way they smoothly introduce new weapons and fighting styles into the game.  Expanding on the usual control scheme of having a jump button, melee attack button, ranged attack button, and

So When Did Quentin Tarantino Start Making Videogames?
Shank is the tale of a man seeking revenge against the people that raped and murdered his wife and left him for dead.  Just in case you were wondering, yes, this game is most definitely rated

Is the juice worth the squeeze?
There are several things that must go into consideration when determining the value of a game. Is this game a good deal for the price? Will I keep coming back to this game again and again? Is it something you can play with (or against) your friends?  All these things get taken into account when trying to come up with a score and this is where Shank presents one of its greatest challenges.  On the one hand, this game has tons of style at a very low price point.  On the other hand, the game is over far too quickly (three hours of gameplay will get you through the full storyline and most of the trophies), and not in a

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