Secret Agent Clank Review

Sony has been on a kick lately, porting many of its games made for the PSP to the PS2. This isn

Secret Agent Clank starts out with Ratchet being framed, arrested and sent to jail. This leaves his rescue up to Clank who does his best James Bond impression throughout the game to rescue him. The game

Since this is a PSP to PS2 port, the game

I am still amazed at Sony

I could live with substandard graphics, poor camera control, and average sound if the gameplay was good. But that is where Secret Agent Clank completely takes a nose dive. Sure the game does feature some play time with Ratchet, using the tried and true run and gun play style that Ratchet and Clank has perfected. But those segments are few and far between and hardly make up for the rest of the game. Most of the game will be spent with Clank and he isn

My dislike of the game grew even more when I was suddenly faced with a puzzle game. In order to progress in a stealth level I had to unlock a jump pad that required me to align different colored shapes dropping out of a tube. The player can slide the tube back and forth to align the colored shape with the column they want to drop it in, but this puzzle game is in no way on the level with Tetris or even Puzzle Quest. To put it simply, the puzzle game is not fun; it is ill conceived and frustrating at best. Yet another strike against this title.


So what exactly does Secret Agent Clank have going for it? For one, it is still a Ratchet and Clank game and it does contain a silly storyline filled with jokes and one liners. Captain Quark makes an appearance and is even playable during his own puffed up retelling of events.  Ratchet is also playable and his levels consist of him trying to stay alive while in prison with the use of his usual assortment of weaponry. It

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