Saints Row Review

A man named Charles Colton once said, The graphics, although not drop dead gorgeous, are extremely well rendered with a cartoon flare along with the realism and grittiness of the city. When you begin you are shown an Oblivion-esque create-a-character screen with a surprising amount of depth. You can tweak and play with your character until you create exactly what you want. Floating around Xbox Live you can find almost any character, from a replica Samuel L. Jackson to a replica Napoleon Dynamite. This simple feature adds a fun, personal feel to the game, which always is a nice touch.

The cars have a surreal but interesting physics model attached to them. The physics model sends parts flying everywhere when cars explode or are hit at high speeds. Passengers even fly through the windshield if a car is hit hard enough. The cars have an interesting look to them and can also be tweaked and customized like much of the game.

The sharp gamer might notice some graphical glitches, but these few glitches don The soundtrack to this game is top notch. The first thing the player notes is the music. There are a multitude of radio stations covering everything from rock to rap to elevator music. If you dislike the music, there is always the option to put in your own music. The music shines just as it did in Grand Theft Auto, and this is no surprise.

Voice acting is nice considering the voice acting of free-roaming crime games in the past. There is no text dialogue between characters, which means even the pedestrians have their own voices. Many spew out funny lines like, Controls have been improved over Grant Theft Auto by leaps and bounds. Saint This is where the game really shines. Although we all love the Grand Theft Auto formula, and we all know that it sells like crazy, Saint Value you say? Replay value is painted all over this game. There are a ton of options within the game and a theater, which lets you replay any and all of your favorite missions.

Multiplayer is stacked with options that will keep you going until GTA IV hits the shelves. From creative game types such as

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