Saints Row 2 Review

18 hours, 23 minutes.  I played through Saints Row 2 in 18 hours and 23 minutes, and I only ended up completing 66% by that time.  The first game took me about as long to hit closer to the 100% mark, but that was quite a while ago.  What have the boys at Volition been doing since then?  We

Often when you see a title released near the launch window of a console you get a somewhat lackluster graphical presentation.  When the sequel comes along, if it uses the same graphic engine, often the graphic update is minimal at best.  Saints Row 2 does use the same engine from the previous title, but the graphical update is significant. 

There will, of course, be comparisons to Grand Theft Auto IV, so let

Much like in Saints Row, Saints Row 2 features an all-star cast.  Daniel Dae Kim (he played Disciple Gao in American Shaolin which was also known as No Retreat, No Surrender 5, he also plays Jin Kwon in the hit series Lost) reprises his role as Johnny Gat, Michael Dorn (Worf from Star Trek fame) plays the leader of the Brotherhood, Maero, and Jaimie Pressly plays Maero

I was talking to a developer one day about the Havok engine and he showed me just what this middleware application is capable of doing to a game.  From ragdoll to vehicle behaviors, the Havok engine can make or break your game.  Saints Row 2 uses the Havok engine and it

A wise man once said,

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