Rumble Roses XX Review

While the DOA games are known for their counter-heavy engine and graphics, the female characters are a large part of the appeal of the game.  While other fighting games have attractive females, no other games have really tried using the female form as a major selling point.  That is until Rumble Roses for the PS2.  Now Konami is bringing a new version of the game to the Xbox 360 with Rumble Roses XX.

Rumble Roses XX is an all female wrestling game with characters that resemble some typical female stereotypes in young men

All of the Roses in the game look very good.  Up close, the characters have muscle definition and you swear you can see subtle details like moles and veins.  Their hair waves and many of the costumes have fringes that sway in the wind.  They have several costumes that can be switched out with other accessories, like gloves and boots.  Some of these

RRXX features a guitar-heavy soundtrack.  The guitar riffs squeal during the menu screen and continue into the wrestler intros.  The thumping bass drives through the beat to make your pulse race.  After a while the music can be a bit repetitive though.  Occasionally a wrestler intro uses a hip-hop beat for their intro though to change up the mood.

During the matches the Roses occasionally scream to indicate that they are hurting.  They also can call out to the crowd, taunting their opponent.  However, they don

Moving your Rose is done by using the d-pad, while pressing the d-pad twice in the same direction makes your character change direction.  X strikes your opponent while Y grabs your opponent.  A dashes towards your opponent and B has multiple functions such as pinning your opponent, entering or leaving the ring, picking up items, and climbing onto the corner post.  The Right Bumper guards against attacks, while the Right Bumper plus X or Y reverses strikes and throws respectively.  Killer Moves and Lethal Moves are performed with the Left Bumper, while Humiliation Moves are done with the Left Trigger.  Hitting both bumpers performs a Double X move with your tag partner.  Calling out to the crowd to taunt your opponent is done by pushing in the right analog stick.

The movement feels OK, but you have to remember that this is a wrestling game and not a fighting game.  While button mashing can help with performing certain moves, the game is mostly about timing.  Unfortunately most of the time you feel like you perform an action and then wait for the action to complete.  If you don

When you start RRXX, you start in the Locker Room.  Here you choose which Rose you want to control and her partner for the Tag Team matches.  You can also customize your character

Playing on Xbox Live lets you play in unranked single matches or ranked matches.  You can also upload and download photos taken from the Photo Shoots.  The Xbox Live play actually performs pretty well, so if you have some people to play this with, you should have a fun time with it.

There is a large number of unlockables, but if you want to play this game to get the Xbox 360 Achievement points, you better have a lot of spare time on your hands.  Most of the achievements are only 10 or 20 points, so it will take you a long time to actually build up your achievement score.  You

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