Rock Band Review


First off, there are a few things Rock Band aficionados should know about the iPhone version, as there were some concessions made in bringing the franchise to a phone. Number one, while there is a vocals section, it doesn

Presentation-wise, this is a spot-on recreation of the console version of Rock Band. While the band animations are obviously pared down a bit, that fact that you still get them is pretty amazing. You

So how does it play? Fortunately, very well. One thing that always concerns me with heavier duty iPhone games is framerate. I have one of the older 3G (not 3GS) models, so I have experienced significant slowdowns in some games. There are some minor performance issues with Rock Band on my phone, but they

The game certainly plays much better on songs that utilize a lot of single note runs, and the vast majority of the songs included play out that way

Rock Band

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