Rock Band 2 Review

First off, I apologize for the lateness of this review

One of the inevitable themes of this review will be that Rock Band 2 is incremental, and this extends to the graphics as well.  Rock Band 2 brings new clothing options for the band members, improved animation and interaction for the band members, and several small changes to some of the filters.  The old options are still in the game, so you can still create crazy mad-scientist drummers, Goth emo singers, rock and roll bassists with full GWAR regalia, and more.  This time around however, the bassist and lead guitarist will dance across the stage, throw the patented Pete Townsend windmill move, and the singer will dance around a bit and interact with other members of the band.  The drummer doesn

If there is any one area that makes Rock Band 2 almost untouchable, it

Glancing back at my Rock Band review, my primary complaint was that I ended up having to send all of my instruments back to Harmonix for replacement.  One of my drum pads made an awful clanging noise, and my guitar had premature star power problems.  The replacement set worked like a charm, but my tale of mechanical woe was far from unique.  I

Anyone that I know that has played Rock Band absolutely loved it.  A little encouragement goes a long way, and some folks really struggle to get the basic mechanics, but eventually everyone jumps in in some way.  To aid in that hurdle, and to remove the feeling that anyone is letting the band down, Harmonix has introduced a new

As I

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