Rig ‘N’ Roll Review

These days you can find a game built around just about any hobby or career imaginable. So when I see stuff like

So when I was asked to review Rig N Roll, a new truck driving game from Russian developer 1C, I was very eager to return to a genre I had not delved into for several  years. On the surface, the game sounds promising. It

At this point, most players are going to be completely lost because there was a huge missed opportunity to put in a tutorial. As a new truck driver, it would have been simple to have your boss

After you get out on the highway, the game is pretty unforgiving. Don

The graphics in Rig N

Ambient audio is pretty decent, with your truck sounding realistically rumble-y as it drives along. Hearing the hiss of the hydraulics or honking the horn does wonders for immersing you in the role of a real truck driver. The voice acting, however, leaves much to be desired, with most characters sounding like they came out of the darkest recesses of southern Arkansas

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