Resogun is a premier launch title on the PS4

Every launch doesn’t need a game like Resogun. It needs a game like Call of Duty: Ghosts, or Battlefield 4, or perhaps even needs a Ryse: Son of Rome. The PlayStation 4 did not need Resogun to move a million units at launch, but it’s sure as hell better for having it. Resogun is THE premier exclusive to experience on the PS4 right now, it will prove to you that not every next-gen game has to sell for $60 and cost tens or hundreds of millions of dollars to produce in order to warrant your attention.

Resogun is the PS4’s Fantavision; it’s loud, stylish, focused on arcade style gameplay, and will go completely underrated during the PS4’s lifecycle. It’s a side-scrolling shooter that has you piloting a nimble yet powerful spacecraft as you battle through hordes of alien enemies that are bent on your destruction. In your arsenal is an array of missile and laser projectiles which increase in power throughout the course of the stages as you collect power-ups, special attacks which will utterly annihilate everything on the screen, and a boost that will have you zipping your way around like Walmart shoppers on Black Friday.

There are three modes to play: An arcade mode that takes you through each stage until you’ve completed them all, a single stage mode where you can play each stage one at a time and post your score to global and friend leaderboards, and an online co-op multiplayer mode which is absolutely the best reason to own a PS4 right now. I can’t praise the multiplayer in Resogun enough, PSN holds up like a champ (although I did hit some lag on launch day) and blasting through the stages with a partner is both thrilling and challenging.

The expertly crafted mechanics lend to some wonderfully exciting gameplay, you’ll be amazed at how precisely you are able to navigate your ship through a barrage of enemy craft and fire. Enemies come at you in exotic patterns similar to that of a flock of birds creating complex shapes in the sky, and the simple yet bombastic style of the visual presentation will all but ensure that you’re eyes never stop being courted. On top of it all, Resogun features a very cool modern Electronic soundtrack which pumps waves of futuristic sound into your ears during battle.


Resogun can either be a moderately difficult game or a thumb-blistering game depending on what you’re setting out to accomplish by playing it. If you play on the easiest setting, it won’t be long before you’re skilled enough to make your way through all of the stages alone or with a partner. Playing this way will give you a handful of hours of enjoyment with the game. If you kick up the difficulty a notch or two, or are trying to top your friends’ scores or rank somewhere respectable on the global leaderboards, you can look forward to dozens of hours of gameplay and likely just as many trips to your local game store to replace your controller. Casual and hardcore players alike will be accommodated here. However, I strongly recommend individuals prone to seizures skip on this one… you might not fare well.

The only aspect of the game I’m disappointed with is the variety in level design. There’s not much of it as each stage adheres to strict style guidelines that don’t give way to a momentous change in scenery at any point. Otherwise, the chaos of the gameplay will keep it from feeling stale or routine and you’ll certainly feel the urge to replay the stages multiple times over.

Resogun is a winner, it’s the scrappy indie gem that hopefully we see more of on the PS4 so that we don’t all evolve into mindless drones trapped within the nebula of the mega publisher status quo. The game looks, sounds, and plays phenomenally and anyone looking for a challenging shooter as well as a showcase (I chose to introduce my fiance to the PS4 by way of Resogun rather than Assassin’s Creed IV, the other launch title I bought) for their brand new console need look no further.

This is how I hope all indie games fare on the PlayStation 4. Beautiful, high-res, 60 fps graphics, with a pulse pounding soundtrack that wonderfully compliment the chaotic yet expertly crafted gameplay. This classic arcade style shooter will keep your thumbs and your senses occupied for many, many hours.

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