Resident Evil 5 Review

For many folks, Resident Evil 5 represents their first foray into the world of the T-Virus, flesh-munching zombies, deep-rooted conspiracies, ammo starvation, narrow escapes, and plot twists at every turn.  Before we get started, let

It seems that everyone and their brother hooked up with Epic to get their hands on the incredible Unreal 3 engine.  It

The Resident Evil series has had some of the worst voice acting ever presented on any platform.  The first game sported such gems as:


The Resident Evil controls are diametrically opposed to the usual shooter conventions of most third person action games.  For instance, you cannot move and reload or move and shoot.  If you are planning to pick this game up with the thought of applying your well-honed Tom Clancy

The zombies in the first Resident Evil game were pretty slow.  They had to rely on the element of surprise to kill their prey, slowly shambling to their target at the most pedantic pace possible.  We

If there is one thing that hurts Resident Evil 5 it

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