Red Faction: Armageddon Review

There is life on Mars.   We knew this already though 50 years after the liberation, things on Mars have drastically changed.  Unfortunately a Terraformer on Mars has been destroyed and by some familiar friends and a new group called The Cultists.  They want to see the world burn, and they are willing to make the surface of Mars uninhabitable to do it.  With the Terraformer destroyed, the entire population has been driven underground

Break it, fix it, break it, fix it!
Red Faction: Guerrilla featured some pretty fantastic advancements in the Geomod technology All hail the new king of weapons
Red Faction Armageddon features quite a few weapons, each more deadly than the last.  Just like in Guerrilla, you can store these weapons and swap them out at will.  There are shooter standards such as pistols akimbo, machineguns, shotguns, but there are plenty of more unique weapons like Arc Welders, Plasma Cannons, Singularity Cannons, Nano Rifles, and the mighty Magnet Gun.  If you read my preview, you know how much I enjoyed my time with the Magnet Gun.   Having spent a great deal more time with the final game, I can tell you that the Magnet Gun is my absolute new favorite weapon.   The Plasma Cannon will fire a bolt that continues through targets until it meets the environment (keep that in mind for Ruin Mode), whereas the Singularity Cannon will unleash a small black hole similar to the grenades in Guerrilla.  The Nano rifle

Speaking of guilty pleasures, one of the fun things in Guerrilla was running around and hijacking all of the various vehicles in the game.  Fast moving buggies would carry you through the dusty red planet.  Armageddon has you spending more than half the game underground, so you won Friends in low (and dark) places
You won

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