Red Dead Redemption Review

John Wayne once said

“Out here, due process is a bullet.”
The first and most drastic change is a return to the origin for Red Dead Redemption.  Backing away from the Spaghetti Western style of the first game, Redemption takes a page from Grand Theft Auto 4 with a more realistic approach to the material.  To that end, it takes a great many strengths from the same source.  Grand Theft Auto 4

Speaking of being required to do things a certain way, my biggest complaint with the Grand Theft Auto series is that the game put very contrived requirements on how a mission should be completed.  You had to use car A to reach objective B via path C and any deviation therein would cause instant failure.  Beyond the occasional obvious glitches in the game, the game gives you nearly unlimited flexibility in how you accomplish your objectives.  While the vast majority of your missions tend to end up resolved with a healthy dose of lead, there is enough variety in both story and approach that you never feel like your repeating yourself, with one notable exception.


There are four side challenges that you

If you need further distraction, you can also gamble.  In some of the larger cities you can play Blackjack, Liar

There is one thing that isn

All told, there is roughly 27-30 hours of gameplay available in the single player game if you include all of the side missions.  There are a few online modes to expand on this in advance of the freebie co-op pack coming later this month.  Hold Your Own is essentially capture the flag, Gold Rush is capture and hold with several targets, and Grab the Bag is the same as Gold Rush but with only one bag.  You can also roam the countryside in Free Roam in a posse with seven other people, but these missions are pretty much limited to the same gang hideouts and objectives as you

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