Red Dead Redemption Review

I don’t know where I’m going, only God knows where I’ve been…


As the sun slowly sets in the west, it casts longer shadows on the scrub brush and cacti, shooting ribbons of red and orange against the darkening sky. I catch movement out of the corner of my eye, and when I turn to look, it

Welcome to New Austin


If you are a fan of open-world games, the only information you need to get from this review is this: Go buy Red Dead Redemption. Now. The previous narrative is a description of a gameplay scene I experienced. Rockstar San Diego has crafted a game world so large and detailed, everyone has the ability to enjoy scenes like that.


The year is 1911 and the Wild West is on the verge of taming. As John Marston, ex-criminal, you

Because of the nature of deserts and plains, there are areas of large open space to run and ride in. These expanses are filled with both the flora and fauna expected. Dry sage grass, several species of cacti, and manzanita bush populate the drier areas. Tall pines and shrubs make up the higher elevations. Among the foliage, over thirty different types of animals make their home and are available for target practice. Predators like wolves and coyotes travel in packs, and stealthy creatures like cougars lie in wait, quietly stalking their prey before jumping out from cover and eating your horse. Rabbits or armadillos will scurry around the landscape during the day, and skunks or raccoons will appear at night. The wide open spaces feel very much alive, and I found myself wanting to ride through the countryside instead of taking a fast travel option.


Adding to the striking visuals are the strong sound effects and musical score. The music itself is present but not obtrusive, blending into the background and accompanying you as you travel without jumping in your face and screaming. One tip to remember as you arrive in Mexico for the first time; be sure to take the supplied horse and ride it to your destination instead of calling your own. It

Whatcha doin’ around here, mister?


The mechanics of the game will be familiar to those who have played GTA IV. There

When you

If you haven’t fallen off a horse

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