Red Bull BC One Review

I had absolutely no idea what this game was when I popped it into my DS. I knew it had something to do with Red Bull, and BC One sounded like some sort of prehistoric kart racing, so I was hoping for a bunch of cavemen hopped up on energy drinks racing around a track on brontosauruses. That game would have probably been awesome. Unfortunately, reality rarely lives up to my imagination.
Red Bull BC One is actually an international breakdancing competition. Every year Red Bull inexplicably gathers breakdancers from around the world to compete in one-on-one dance offs. Not only is this a fantastic plot for a cheesy ’80s movie, someone apparently though it would make a great idea for a video game. So how do mad b-boy skillz translate to the DS, yo? Read on to find out.

My first thought when seeing the graphics for this game was,

When first starting the game, it warns you that

Red Bull BC One is controlled entirely through the DS touch-screen. I

It may surprise you to learn that Red Bull BC One In addition to the career mode, the game offers a multiplayer mode, mini-game mode, and the ability to go in and change your avatar around. The career mode is short

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