Quantum of Solace Review


The DS is such a mixed bag in terms of graphics for me. When artists surrender to the muse of whimsy, wonderful compositions result from lavish attention to detail. When developers go for realism, they tend to miss by such a wide margin the characters are little more than large blocks. It appears Vicarious Visions has their engine for these games down (it looks like the same one used in last year

Hearing Daniel Craig as James Bond and Dame Judi Dench as M bring a much needed gravitas to a pretty weak game. Their banter isn

The controls are easily the worst part of Quantum of Solace… actually that

The game is all about the combat, but after awhile that grows tiresome. Instead of raging gun battles, Bond can stand up and shoot at one guy at a time or run up to one guy at a time and start punching him. This is great for the early game but terrible for the end where multiple villains are on screen at all times. A way around this is to use stealth which lets players sneak up behind enemies and one-shot them with a blow to the head.


But then the controls assume you want to run and away Bond goes in a flash when you just wanted him to sneak somewhere. It is very frustrating. After a few hours of this, you will get the nuance behind the controls down and this issue becomes less frequent. Still, it takes several hours to get the feel of it down when you could have been playing, oh, anything else.


In addition to taking out bad guys, the game follows the pattern of the movie up to a key point then jumps into flashback. Since no game developer had the foresight to build a tie-in game to Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace allows gamers to play through the events of the first film halfway through the game. It feels like two games in one in that regard, and as such this is a positive. The downside is it still isn

Sheer curiosity would be the only reason to play Quantum of Solace. It

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