Pursuit Force Review

Combining genres in video games is usually a dangerous proposition.  Sometimes you get a new experience, bringing the best of both worlds.  Sometimes one aspect of the genre compliments the other.  Other times the combination results in a mass of refuse that doesn

Pursuit Force is an excellent looking game.  The vehicles have a unique look to them.  This is especially impressive since there are five different gangs.  While it would be easy enough to use the same vehicles with different textures, the vehicles and the textures are unique.  For example, the Warlords have military-styled vehicles, while the Capelli Family is an Italian mob family that uses large wide vehicles for their transportation.  Lights on the vehicles glow, and if you hit something hard enough, damage is shown to the vehicle model.

The driving really gives you a sense of speed.  While you aren

The voices in Pursuit Force are a strong part of the game.  The commissioner has a rough scowl, while the snitch has the high-pitched voice you

Controls in Pursuit Force are even better than what you

At first you feel as if Pursuit Force is going to mostly be a racing game with a bit of action thrown in.  You start out driving your souped-up police convertible, chasing vehicles, and shooting at them with your firearm.  Once the Jump Icon pops up onto the screen, then the action really kicks in.  Jumping to other cars is automatic. You can land on either the trunk or the hood of vehicles, depending on your position before jumping.  You can not only land on enemy vehicles, but you can also hitch a ride on citizen

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