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Oh yeah, the co-op campaign is a wholly separate campaign from the main game. Whereas the single player focuses on Chell as the protagonist, the co-op game focuses on two robots specifically designed by GlaDOS as test subjects. She takes perverse pleasure in tormenting the machines throughout the campaign, and much of your enjoyment is figuring out how to work in tandem to solve some of the most devious mind benders you

But in addition to the dazzling puzzles and intricate storyline, the game is astonishingly funny. The MVP for voice acting is a toss-up in my mind due to the note-perfect tone evinced by each of the actors. Stephen Merchant may wind up being the fan favorite as a British-sounding robot aiding Chell throughout the game, but my personal favorite is J.K. Simmons (J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man) who is as blistering in his energy and passion for science as he is while tormenting his test subjects. Simmons roars through his role and he chews up and spits out every bit of scenery that he can to glorious, gut-busting effect. Merchant though also brings his A-game and is consistently hilarious as his character Wheatley is by turn nervous, insecure, heroic, and more.


But the real star of Portal 2 is Ellen McLain as GlaDOS. Her performance in this game is one for the record books. Not only does she pick up where she left off in the original Portal, but as the story twists and turns she undergoes a series of new emotions. I

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