Plants vs. Zombies Review

Did you ever notice how many of those The overall premise is pretty basic, yet completely insane.  You are protecting your house from an invasion of the undead, and your only weapons are…well Each stage is broken up into 10 sub-levels, each one with increasingly tougher zombie foes.  The stages take place in different areas of your yard, starting with the very basic (your back lawn) and throwing in more tweaks as you progress (i.e. swimming pools, rooftops, etc).  The playing field is divided into 6 individual rows, and the undead will slowly make their way up these rows from the street to your house.  Each row has 9 columns (think of it as a giant Excel sheet), and you can place a plant in each You can The design of the zombie enemies is nothing short of brilliant.  Not content to just throw mindless shamblers your way, PvZ pulls out all the stops and will send a hilarious array of zombie minions after you.  Snorkeling zombies will submerge underwater to avoid damage from your pea shooters.  Pole vaulting zombies will be able to spring over your first line of defense.  Zombies will be equipped with screen doors, pots on their heads, or football helmets to lessen the damage they take.  Grandpa zombies will move slowly up the row reading their newspapers, and suddenly begin a violent angry charge once their paper is destroyed.  There

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