PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe Review


Tower Defense Goodness


This PSP version is essentially the same game as the PS3 release, except the add-on island is included instead of as a separate download and a whole new island has been added for this deluxe version. The gameplay in PixelJunk Monsters is pure tower defense. For those new to the genre, the concept is simple. The goal of each level is to protect your base (a hut in this case) from enemies. You do this by strategically placing different types of weapon towers around the map. There is a wide selection of towers to choose from; with bonus towers unlocking after you beat certain levels. Your choice in which towers you place and where to place them is the key to victory, since some towers will be more effective against certain enemies and ineffective against others. For instance, a cannon tower will easily tear apart slow moving ground units, but it is completely useless against flying enemies.


Most levels in PixelJunk Monsters feature twenty separate waves of enemies, with a boss enemy at the end. The monsters typically come in waves, with each wave consisting of the same enemy type. When an enemy is killed they usually drop coins or gems. The coins can be used to build new towers and the gems can either be used to buy new tower types or to upgrade your existing towers. Deciding whether or not to spend your gems on buying new tower types or simply upgrading your existing towers plays a big part in the strategy of each level.

What’s Different?


There are two major features that set this game apart from the rest of the tower defense genre. The first is that the player has direct control over an in game character. This character cannot attack the enemies , instead you use him to move around the map and place towers. The character

Visually, the game stays true to its title with top down pixel based graphics. The monsters in the game aren



As I said in my intro, I can get addicted to tower defense games, but PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe has found yet another way to hook me with its inclusion of co-op play. Through the use of local Wi-Fi or over the internet, you can team up with another PSP gamer and tackle the levels together. This mode really works well in PixelJunk Monsters. In co-op each player is given control of their own character and you work together to defend the same base. Each player can place towers and collect coins and gems. However, there is not one bank allotment to build towers with, instead the coins that your character collects goes to his own bank that he can then use to build towers with. This means that if you don

New to the PSP version is an original island with 10 levels to defeat. The new island has a tropical island look and feel to it, complete with new crab monsters and all new bonus towers to unlock.  On top of that, the PSP version features all of the add-on content found in PixelJunk Monsters Encore for the PS3. With all of this stuff packed into one PSP game, even gamers that bought the original version on the PS3 will still find something new in the portable version.

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