Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow Review

What would An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge have been like had author Ambrose Bierce set the tale in the world of pirates instead of the Civil War? Doubtless you

Calling this game “dog ugly” would be a disservice to dogs the world over. Watch the character models for five minutes and try saying with a straight face that they look better than first generation PS1 models. Each model is little more than a blocky stick figure with a skin of the actor

The sole high point of the entire game is that Johnny Depp voices Captain Jack Sparrow. That

The controls are about as basic as one can get, especially since the game is little more than a button mashing combat-fest. The thumbsticks are for control, the X button is for light attacks, the square button is for heavy attacks, the triangle is for the light special attack, and the circle button picks up things and also locks sabers with your opponent during swordfights. The R1 button blocks, the L1 button locks target, the R2 button is the heavy special attack, and the L2 button initiates a running kick once you unlock the ability to do so.

This leads us to the combat aspect of the game which features extensive combo moves that are purchased with all the “hidden” treasure you come across. Earn enough and your player characters will swash nine kinds of buckles in their pursuit of Sparrow

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow reminds me of the old joke from Young Guns II that says there

Savor Johnny Depp

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