Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest Review

The first Pirates of the Caribbean movie was considered to be a joke in the film industry before it was released.  A film based on a Disney ride wasn

Several issues come up with the graphics in PotC:DMC.  Captain Jack doesn

They did get the music of PotC: DMC done right.  Those familiar with the movie will actually get a bit of a rush hearing the theme of the movie in the background.  It

The controls of the game are rather simple.  Movement is handled with the analog nub, but the d-pad has other functions.  Down on the d-pad lets Jack attack with alternate weapons, while left, up, and right on the d-pad perform power moves.  Speed attacks are done with X, while Square performs a strong attack.  Triangle makes Captain Jack jump.  Taunts, stuns, and a swing pump are all performed with the Circle.  L and R rotate the camera.

The controls are simple, but sometimes the camera doesn

The game starts out reliving moments from the recent movie.  First Captain Jack Sparrow breaks out of prison and escapes in a coffin.  He then moves on to the island inhabited by the cannibals. Anyone who has seen the movie can recognize that path that Captain Jack continues to take through the game, living the life of a pirate as only Captain Jack Sparrow can.

Most of the game involves combat.  An enemy with one weapon requires you to hit X, X, X, and then Square several times to defeat him.  An enemy with two weapons requires you to hit Square, Square, Square, and then the X several times.  This combo system is very simplistic, and it never feels satisfying.  You feel as if you are playing game where you need to just get the timing down instead of planning your attack.  It’s also repetitive as you can’t mix up moves to defeat enemies.

The combat isn

PotC: DMC does feature three difficulty levels, but even going through this game once is torture enough.  Going through the game multiple times is nothing short of masochistic.  Some gamers might enjoy the challenge though.

Interestingly, PotC: DMC has a multiplayer mode that is different from the regular game, a multiplayer ship battle.  The three multiplayer modes available are Plunder the Flag, Deathmatch, and Last Man Standing.  Five different ship classes are available for you to control, and each of them has different handling and weapons.  Choosing the right type of ship for the match could determine the winner.  It

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