Pimps at Sea Review

Pimps at Sea carries in its hold something of a salty reputation. The venerated Bungie Studios teases with its finest properties to the point of breaking and so it has been with the launch of their new franchise set on the high seas of adventure. It may have been a long time coming, but the man with da plan has finally set foot in the port and it is a merry time for all.

Imagine for a second that you are a pimp. At sea. The bountiful beauty of the endless ocean stretches before your spyglass as your wenches bring you only the finest pillaged ale while your crew fine tunes your Pimp-N-Ator 4000 Launch Craft

I will say one thing about Pimps at Sea: I was disappointed in the graphics. It


The controls for Pimps at Sea are surprisingly fluid given the sheer number of options for smacking around ho

Complain all you will about the length of development, but Pimps at Sea has gameplay to spare and gamers will be hard-pressed to beat this bitch in one sitting. The Pimp-My-Homie

This, dear reader, is the go-to game of the season. Not only can you import different characters from different games into the Wench-O-Matic thus creating an endless array of beautiful ho

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