Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice for All Review

Hold It! Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney, is back with a new set of cases in the second lawyering adventure for the Nintendo DS, Ace Attorney: Justice for All (PW2). The second game takes place one year after the events in the first. Fortunately, players don Phoenix Wright 2 relies heavily on the dialogue and plot to drive the gameplay, but it also makes excellent use of graphics to assist in the storytelling. The subtle character animations and poses add greatly to the atmosphere of the game; a happy witness will cheerfully smile while providing testimony, while a frazzled witness might be nervously tugging on loose bits of clothing. Even Phoenix himself will look confident when making an objection, or cringe when the prosecution presents damaging new evidence. These simple animations add a lot of depth to the story by adding an emotional component, so that the player has a clearer understanding of how the courtroom drama is unfolding. As with the first game, the new Phoenix Wright 2 soundtrack is catchy and offers memorable tunes to establish a lawyering mood. Each character has a distinctive musical motif, and the music becomes light-hearted or ominous as the courtroom situation changes. The sound effects are also used to good effect, with the gavel pounding on the judge With a story-driven game like Phoenix Wright 2, controls are not as important to the gameplay as they might be for an action-based game. Even so, the PW2 interface is very intuitive and easy to manage. Players can easily advance through the dialogue or manage inventory items by tapping on the touchscreen. As an added bonus, players can even shout Phoenix Wright 2 is all about the story and the setting. Best classified as a story-based puzzle game, PW2 challenges the player to find contradictions and inconsistencies in courtroom testimony. To assist with this, the PW2 introduces Phoenix Wright 2 suffers from many of the same limitations as other puzzle-based story adventures, which is to say that once you

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