Phantom Brave: We Meet Again Review

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The controls also received an overhaul from the PS2 version, but overall the controls still feel lackluster. The improvement comes with the game



On the gameplay front, Phantom Brave: We Meet Again plays a lot like a traditional SRPG. The story is told through cut scenes, with each scene setting up the next battle stage. Your team is made up of several different classes that you get to choose from at will. Most SRPGs use a grid based fighting system where the battlefield is made up of several squares, with the movement and attacks being confined to those squares. Phantom Brave tosses the grid based system, allowing characters to move and attack on the map in any direction they see fit. However, their movement and attack range is still limited. In theory this is a good idea, but in reality it comes off a bit sloppy. The biggest problem with this system is that almost every fight comes down to mass gang piling of enemy and friendly characters. Since there are no limits to attack and movement direction it is all too common to see a single character surrounded by several enemies at once. With all the characters piling up it makes it really hard to clearly see what is going on and targeting specific enemies becomes hard because you can

I Think There is a Story


There is a storyline in Phantom Brave, but it

Graphically Phantom Brave: We Meet Again has its moments. Most of the story is told through 2D scenes that feature detailed sprite based characters. The most impressive part about these sequences is that the backgrounds are all beautifully hand drawn and very vibrant. It is evident that the background artists took their time and poured some love into their work. While on the battlefield the game looks very much like other traditional SRPGs. The characters are smaller and more compact than they are during the story sequences and the environmental graphics are decent, but not stellar. It is nice that NIS took the time to add progressive scan and increase the font size.


NIS states on their website that the audio has been cleaned up and enhanced for the Wii version. I really couldn

Bottom Line


Phantom Brave is on the long side, especially if you play through both the regular storyline and the alternate

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