Pearl Harbor Trilogy: 1941 – Red Sun Rising Review

When I was approached to review Pearl Harbor Trilogy, my eyes rolled with such force that I required a team of surgeons to put them back in the appropriate place. Without doing any research, I knew Pearl Harbor Trilogy: 1941 – Red Sun Rising was going to suck. I mean, it was probably just going to be a ridiculous shooter with crappy graphics that was going to make me throw down the controller in disgust and write an angry missive.


Obviously, you see the final score along the side, so that didn

Tora! Tora! Tora!


If I would have done a tiny bit of research, I would have known what I was getting. I was expecting that Red Sun Rising would be a shooter in the vein of

Second, it controls like a dream. I used the Classic Controller, and had no issues jumping right in. In fact, it controlled so well that I was loath to test the motion controls. I was afraid that my high opinion of this game would be swiftly ruined. Happily, this is not the case. The motion controls actually enhance the experience considerably. Tilting and banking your plane is very intuitive, and it

Fourth, you don

Stalled Engine


However, there are some negatives. The planes sound great, and the battle sounds are excellent, That

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