PaRappa The Rapper Review

Kick! Punch!  It’s all in the mind
If you wanna test me, I

The graphics in PtR are faithful to the original, but they have been enhanced with widescreen graphics for the PSP.  The colors are bright and bring to life the characters in the game.  The rest of the game is intact, with the paper-thin characters moving smoother than a South Park animation.  The cartoonish style of PtR makes the characters memorable.

A few CGI animations have been placed in the game.  While they aren

PtR is a music game, and if the music sucks, then you won The game uses the four face buttons and the L and R buttons.  The game requires you hit certain buttons in order at specific times.  Sometimes you need to repeat hitting the same button multiple times in a certain rhythm.  The repeated hitting of the buttons can be very tricky because of how the buttons are on the PSP.  It just doesn

In PtR you follow the dog PaRappa along with his friends as he tries to impress Sunny Funny.  To do this he learns how to fight at a kung-fu dojo, gets his driver

There are only six songs to the game, and one song can be unlocked.  The songs are relatively short and once you have heard them a couple of times, you can find the beat pretty easily.  It won

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